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The heart of the production is our aluminium foundry. It was the foundation of our business and looks back over decades of experience and tradition. Combined with the latest equipment in foundry technology and determined employees we challenge any requirements our customers demand. Aluminium sand castings are produced to a weight of up to 10 tonnes and a length of over 30 feet. Alumnium gravity die castings are currently produced up to 90 kg per part.

Moulding department

We put a lot of effort into training our moulders internally, because of the large variety and complexity of our castings the best way to transfer the knowledge of our moulding techniques is through daily practice. On several moulding stations our employees produce sand moulds and sand cores using the furane airset system with chemically bonded sand. After the moulds have been poured and the casting solidified, the sand moulds are broken down and the castings removed. The sand from the broken moulds is fully recycled.

Melting department

On a regular basis, our staff in the foundry receives training through the Institute of Light Metals on our own site. The employees in this department are responsible for each melt. This begins with melting the alloy, analysing its chemical composition, refining and modifying it according to specification and finally pouring the designated moulds. Each batch is analysed according to a set procedure using various laboratory equipment. All results coming from these tests are automatically assigned to each batch and saved for our quality assurance.
All foundry consumables are of highest quality, purity and supplied by selected partners in Western Europe.