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Casting design

Do you want to find out if your components could be converted into aluminium castings giving you technical and economical advantages? Are your current aluminium castings not stable or too heavy? Then let our design office give you some help.

Send us a drawing, 3D model, pictures of the parts or even a sketch of your idea. Our designers will generate a 3D model tailored to your needs in a short time period and thereby create the foundation for further discussions resulting in a price offer from our side. The conversion from welded steel constructions or grey iron castings into aluminium castings have brought many advantages to our customers in the past and therefore they keep making regular use of this service.
Advantages of aluminium castings compared to steel construction / grey iron casting

• high electrical conductivity (additional current-carrying elements can be omitted)
• corrosion resistant (no extra surface treatment)
• low weight (savings in transport, foundation, drives, etc.)
• high thermal conductivity (no extra cooling system)
• easy to machine (lower machining cost)
• tension free (no distortion after machining, more accurate overall measurements)
• Nearly unlimited freedom in design (cost effective shape)
• Easy to recycle (high yield, high financial refund, low expenditure of energy)