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The heart of the production is our aluminium foundry. It was the foundation of our business and looks back over decades of experience and tradition.

Pattern shop

Pattern shop

The accuracy of a casting is influenced right at the beginning in the pattern shop. Using materials of bad quality or non calibrated tools or if the personell is not expierienced enough in its profession, than neverending problems are garantueed.

Casting design

Casting design

Do you want to find out if your components could be converted into aluminium castings giving you technical and economical advantages? Are your current aluminium castings not stable or too heavy?



With 1500 employees THONI-ALUTEC has become one of the largest jobbing foundries for aluminium castings worldwide. THONI-ALUTEC produces aluminium sand castings and gravity die castings which are machined by state of the art CNC machining centers at our in-house machining facility.
On our 44 hecare we have created production facilities of 76000 square feet under roof.
Starting from casting design, pattern shop, foundry, machine shop to assembly, we supply aluminium castings up to 10 tonnes in weight and more than 30 feet in length.
During the whole production process our castings are checked according to international standards and customer specification. Certified employees carry out x-ray, ultrasonic, dye penetrant tests, just to name a few testing procedures.
THONI-ALUTEC supplies aluminium castings to customers in Europe, U.S., Middle East, India and China which consider flexibility, quality and reliability a priority.

It is our goal to provide technical high integrity aluminium castings to international industries and to make use of the material’s full mechanical properties. We are convinced that aluminium castings have an untapped potential and that in numerous cases welded steel constructions or cast iron castings can be replaced by aluminium castings. We have actually proven this exercise more than once in the past for some of our customers which thereby have gained enormous technical and economical benefits.

Let us convince you!!!



To protect the environment THONI-ALUTEC undertakes numerous actions to prevent or limit any emissions to the environment.

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