Leak and Burst Tests

Castings produced at Thoni Alutec are very thoroughly tested. One of such tests is the leak test.
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Leak and Burst Tests

In order to determine if the casting is tight and properly made, we perform a burst test and a leak test in a vacuum chamber.

The tests show even the sligthest leaks in castings. The operators who conduct the tests have international certificates.

Thoni Alutec is proud to cooperate with customers from all over the world. However, this cooperation imposes additional responsibilities on us, because our castings must perform in the most extreme settings – in Africa or Australia, where the temperature can reach +50°C, or in Siberia, where is can in turn fall to -50°C. Our ambition is to rise to the challenges posed by such extreme conditions.

This is why the castings we manufacture undergo extremely thorough and complex tests. Among others, we perform leak tests in a cutting-edge chamber, which is able to detect a single gas molecule if it passes through the casting walls. When it comes to the stength of the products we manufacture, it is assessed using special devices for destructive testing. Any leaks or other defects immediately disqualify the product.


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