Machining Facility

Most customers are interested in obtaining the final product from one supplier. We understand that completely. That is why we have developed a modern machine shop – our Machining Facility.

Thoni Alutec—Machining of Castings

Our Machining Facility contains state-of-the-art CNC mills and lathes, which allow us to perform the necessary activities with maximum precision.

We carry out turning and milling of aluminium castings produced in our plant. We offer you a wide range of light metal alloy castings with machining services also available.

Thoni Alutec – Machining Facility

We also perform machining of materials purchased externally, such as sheet metal or aluminium plates.

All our programmers and operators have competence and many years of experience in programming, product implementation, and machine and device operation. In addition, our professional quality control department guarantees high quality of castings.


Thoni Alutec Sp. z o.o.
ul. Przyszowska 1
37-450 Stalowa Wola

+48 15 814 98 09

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