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We provide painting services for castings using powder coating and wet painting in a wide range of colours.

Thoni Alutec Paint Shop oofers you industrial and decorative painting of aluminium castings.


Painting Aluminium Castings

We utilise an environmentally-friendly, semi-automatic painting process for aluminium castings. Based on the demand, our paint shop is able to paint castings using two semi-automatic wet painting lines. We also provide powder coating services. Thoni Alutec Paint Shop.

Painting of Large Castings and Large Production Lots

There are no restrictions regarding the size of the batch, or the size and weight of the casting to be painted. Here at Thoni Alutec, painting a casting or a weldment longer than 10 metres or weighing up to even several tons is not a problem whatsoever.

To ensure adequate surface adhesivenss, the painting department is equipped in fully automatic etching line which enables perfect cleaning of components as well as surface activation. Our paint shop ensures that both customer requirements and all applicable European standards are met.

Thoni Alutec Aluminium Casting Paint Shop

The painting department was started in 2010. The time we have had has allowed us to gain important experience in painting castings and satisfy many customers in such industries as energy, automotive, medical and rail.

Painting Quality of Aluminium Castings

Continuous striving for better and better quality at Thoni Alutec is possible thanks to the dedication of our painters – people with experience, skills and passion.

Paint Shop Quality Control is equipped in all tools needed for correct assessment of painted castings. We perform coating thickness measurements as well as cross-cut coating adhesion tests. If necessary, we order a salt-spray test in an external, certified laboratory.

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