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Thoni Alutec is one of the largest companies producing aluminium castings. We offer wide possibilities and a huge variety of options. We currently have approximately 2,000 different patterns which could potentially be used to produce castings.

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Aluminium Castings, Global Manufacturer

Here at Thoni Alutec, we are able to manufacture all kinds of aluminium castings to meet virtually all kinds of orders. At the same time, we strive for creativity and openness to new solutions, as evidenced by our current innovative projects.

Applications for Aluminium Castings

Our castings are used in many industries, such as robotics, mechanical engineering, rail, energy, or medical, while reaching numerous customers around the world. The success of our components confirms their high quality and good relations with our customers.

Casting Methods

Here at Thoni Alutec, we manufacture aluminium alloy castings using the sand and die casting processes. In the case of sand casting, we cast products up to 10 tons in weight and even over 10 meters in length. Die casting is utilised for medium and large production lots for castings up to 400 kg in weight.

List of aluminium alloys used for producing aluminium castings

225AlSi6Cu4EN AC-450007369-74.4A319.1A-S 5 U 3LM21
226AlSi8Cu3EN AC-462005075-79333.1A-S 10 UGLM2
230AlSi12(a)EN AC-44200----413.2A-S 13LM6
231AlSi12(Cu)EN AC-470005079-----A-S 12 ULM2
233AlSi10Mg(Cu)EN AC-432005074361A-S 9 G----
239AlSi10Mg(a)EN AC-430003051A360.2A-S 10 GLM9
Si7AlSi7Mg0,3EN AC-421008024356.0/A356.0A-S 6 G 0,3LM25
Si9AlSi9MgEN AC-433003051359.2A-S 10 GLM9
Unif.AlZn10Si8MgEN AC-710003602712A-Z 5 GF----


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