At Thoni Alutec, we offer you assembly services for parts delivered by the customer. Our clients receive components ready to go on the assembly line.


Thoni Alutec - Assembly of Castings

We offer our clients not only raw castings or machined castings, but also finished components ready to go on the assembly line. We strive for such flexibility in order to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.

Thoni Alutec – Assembly

We offer you assembly services for castings and other components, so that the finished product is ready to go on the assembly line.

Complete Assembly

At Thoni Alutec, we assemble castings in accordance with customer specifications, The components used for assembly are either provided by the customer or we purchase them ourselves from suppliers chosen by the customer. We have a dedicated, enclosed assembly area of approx. 100m2. The air is fully filtered and the whole area is secured from dust. We ensure that the conditions are as sterile as possible. That way, we are able to provide assembly services of the highest quality, even for the most advanced components for energy and other industries. Putting together castings with other parts requires between a few and a few hundred different fittings and fasteners. We take utmost care of our documentation in order to fully meet customer requirements. Our employees are experts who have complete knowledge of the production process and ensure that all components are high quality and well-fitting right from the start.


Assembly of Castings and Other Components – Benefits from Choosing Thoni Alutec:

  • time savings thanks to shorter supply chain
  • savings in production capacity and resources
  • savings in warehousing costs and logistics
  • one competent and reliable partner


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