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High workplace safety and environmental protection have been important components of our policy since the beginning.
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Thoni Alutec - Safety

To ensure that the production processes are carried out correctly while meeting all the legal requirements for environmental management and occupational safety, we plan and coordinate a whole range of activities. One of our fundamental objectives is providing our employees with a healthy and safe workplace while minimising the potential negative impacts of our operations on the environment. The safety of our staff and the components we make is at the heart of our extensive responsibility for the product.

Safe at Work

Our attitude was rewarded in the “Promoter of Safe Work in Explosion Hazard Zones” competition, which aimed to promote good attitudes of employers and health and safety professionals in companies. The competition was organized by IHAS Sp. z o.o. in cooperation with the National Labor Inspectorate. Details of the competition can be found
Thoni Alutec Occupational Safety
Thoni Alutec Occupational Safety


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