Fettling of Aluminium Castings

The modern market and the demand, as well as customer expectations, are gradually rising. That is why we are constantly modernising our plant. A good example of that is our modern fettling shop for aluminium castings, built from scratch.

Thoni Alutec - Fettling of Aluminium Castings

In the fettling area, castings are shot-blasted and later cleaned, which results in a good finish.

Since the cleaning process requires extremely high manual skills and extensive physical effort, we very carefully select our employees for this demanding activity.

Fettling of Aluminium Castings

In order to ensure comfortable working conditions which result in high quality of work, we have equipped our fettling area with multiple fettling booths, each of them with a cutting-edge supply and exhaust system, soundproofing and dampening walls, task lighting, as well as modern and efficient fettling tools.


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