Thoni Alutec Logistics

Here at Thoni Alutec, our extensive customer network makes logistics for transportation of our products all the more important. Our recipients from Europe receive castings after a maximum of three days.

Delivery Logistics

In order to improve deliveries and ensure their timeliness, we cooperate with local, proven carriers with whom we have cooperated for many years. Strict compliance with delivery times applies to deliveries to all customers, regardless of destination. We also care about compliance with delivery times for customers from North America and the Middle and Far East.

Thoni Alutec—Logistics

With regard to customers outside Europe, our business partners are experienced and reputable shipping companies with representative offices on all continents.

Caring for the quality of our products, we also attach great importance to the issue of internal transport. This is reflected in the provision of appropriate equipment for handling, storage and transport of castings between individual departments, as well as for loading. It is worth noting that in internal transport we use devices driven by environmentally friendly electric or gas motors.


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