Production at Thoni Alutec

Casting production at Thoni Alutec is divided into many highly specialised departments. See what our foundry has to offer and learn more about our technical background.
Our current products reach hundreds of customers around the world. Our biggest clients are well-known medical, rail and energy companies, as well as leading machine and electromechanical system manufacturers.

Aluminium Foundry

The foundry, which consists of a moulding area and a melting area, is the centre of the casting process and production of components.

Pattern Shop

We understand the need to produce highly accurate castings and we are aware of customer requirements. That is why we have created our own pattern shop. We believe that production of high quality castings is impossible without high accuracy.

Casting Design

Aluminium castings are lightweight and resistant to high temperatures and other adverse environmental factors. Therefore, there is no doubt they can successfully replace old steel structures or machine parts made of other metals.

Fettling Shop

The requirements of the modern market and different customer expectations mean that the production of castings at Thoni Alutec is systematically improved, as exemplified by our modern fettling shop, which we have built from scratch.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment of castings is a very important part of the production process. It is used not only to make the casting more uniform, but also to improve its physical properties, such as strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

Machining Facility

We understand our customers’ expectations. Companies want to receive the finished product from one supplier. That is why we have developed a modern machining facility.


Here at Thoni Alutec, we can produce not only raw castings, but also machined castings, and even finished components, ready to go on the assembly line.

Painting of Castings

At Thoni Alutec, we provide painting services using a wide range of paint types using powder coating and wet painting.

Circumferential Welding and Copper Plating

Extremely high mechanical strength and low weight make aluminium an excellent material for all applications.

Occupational Safety

The principles of occupational safety and environmental protection have been an important component of our company policy since the beginning.

Thoni Alutec Logistics

Supplying aluminium products to Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East is a daily challenge on which we thrive. Our European clients receive ready-made aluminium castings within approximately 3 days.

Production of Castings at Thoni Alutec


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