Aluminium Foundry

Based on the demand, our foundry is capable of producing castings which exceed 10 tonnes in mass and 10 meters in length.
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Thoni Alutec - Aluminium Foundry

Our aluminium foundry, which consists of a moulding area and a melting area, is the centre of the whole casting process. In the case of job production and small lots (up to 1,000 pieces a year), we use sand moulds, whereas large lots of castings (over 1,000 pieces a year) up to 400 kg in weight (max. dimensions: length – 2,230 mm, width – 1,730 mm, height – 1,000 mm) are produced by die casting. We always ensure high quality of the raw materials and the melting process. We are constantly improving our patterns and moulds. In addition, the finished product is always thoroughly inspected, so that it meets customer expectations and international standards.

Here at Thoni Alutec, employees have vast knowledge and experience and they are constantly gaining new qualifications. In our facilities, we use cutting-edge technologies, machines and devices. All of the above have made Thoni Alutec one of the leading aluminium alloy casting manufacturers in the world.

Nobake Sand Foundry

We have six main process lines (four at the nobake sand foundry, two at the aerospace precision foundry), each with dedicated melting furnaces, both electric and gas-powered, as well as the main furnace to ensure continuous pouring. That is why we are able to maintain efficient production using different processes and alloys based on international standards or the needs of an individual customer. The raw materials we use are provided by proven suppliers, and the whole melting process utilises state-of-the-art devices for reinement and modification of the molten alloy. The grade of the alloy is tested  on an IDECO device prior to pouring. Bubbling allows for evalauting the gas content, the level of refinement and modification. Thanks to the sophisticated equipment we use and our well-trained staff, we are able to ensure high quality of castings even at early production stages.

Die Casting Foundry

The foundry utilizes:

  • over a dozen casting machines of different sizes and different numbers of parting line arrangemets
  • tilt-casting machines which eliminate pouring turbulence, used for production of castings with uniform geometry

Low Pressure Casting Foundry

The foundry utilises five specialised machines used for large-lot production e.g. for automotive. We also use them for complex semi-permanent mould castings and castings with metal cores.
Recent investments at Thoni Alutec have enabled us to utilise cutting-edge and higly efficient machines with unique pouring parameters and mould sizes available.

Core Shop

Our core shop provides casting cores for our casting lines: LPC lines, gravity die casting lines (permanent mould) and the precision sand foundry. Based on the variety of different casting processes used at Thoni Alutec, the core shop has machines to produce the following types of cores:

  • hot box and cold box hollow cores
  • cold-box—7 types
  • hot-box—tests of new solutions at advanced stages
  • warm-air

Aluminium Foundry Production

At Thoni Alutec, our services cover not only sand casting, permanent mould casting, and low pressure die casting, but also further process such as: fettling, heat treatment, CNC machining, painting, assembly, packing and delivery.

The moulding lines in the aluminium foundry cover the whole process, starting from sand preparation, and ending with knock-out.

It is worth mentioning that we also have fully automatic sand reclamation units, used both our nobake (air-set) sand foundries.

The technologically advanced moulding lines allow for both large casting production (unique in the world) and smaller castings with complex shapes used in aerospace or automotive.

The required strength properties of the casting are obtained through heat treatment performed on three lines, including one NADCAP-certified line dedicated to aerospace production. This is a so-called special process. Its parameters are constantly checked, and the whole process is automatic. The control cabinets in the heat treatment furnaces control the process continuously. The process parameters are recorded in a database for later access.

We specialise in the production of large and medium-size castings for industries such as:

  • energy
  • mechanical engineering
  • aerospace
  • rail
  • medical
  • defence
  • automotive
  • agriculture
  • “green energy” — wind power, etc.

Quality Control in Aluminium Foundry

The quality control process covers the following: chemical composition analysis, metallographic analysis, mechanical properties analysis, 3D dimesional inspection on CMMs and optical devices. We also perform NDT: penetrant, X-ray and ultrasonic tests.

Aluminium Foundry – CNC Machining Department

Thanks to implementing cutting-edge technologies and installing advanced CNC machines, our CNC machining department provides fully automated machining services.

Having over 60 CNC machines allows us to fully meet the requirements of the market both in terms of the component size and the lot size.

Dimesional inspections are performed by competent staff, who are constantly gaining new qualifications. They utilise state-of-the-art CMMs to meet your expectations.

To complete the full package offered, we perform leak tests (mostly with helium and water—bubble leak testing), painting (wet painting and dry coating) and assembly.

In conclusion, the products are manufactured in a controlled environment, i.e. on modern machines and devices, which are constantly maintained and operational. All the equipment for monitoring and measuring used in the productions process is periodically calibrated in certified laboratories. The raw materials used are purchased from approved suppliers. Before they are shipped to customers, all products undergo final inspections performed by qualified personnel.

The facilities at Thoni Alutec allows us to produce castings of various sizes and higly inticate shapes

The variety of shapes and the level of complexity of the castings we produce have made us a market leader in our field.


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