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Thoni Alutec has a good reputation among a wide range of clients, not only from Poland, but also from Europe and the whole world. We are aware that the high quality of our products is the main basis of trust and good relations with our partners. We achieve that thanks to our quality management system.

Quality of Aluminium Products

At Thoni Alutec, we take utmost care to offer high quality services. Therefore, our castings meet different customer expectations. We inspect our parts systematically, carefully and thoroughly at every production stage. Additionally, we regularly make efforts to improve our quality management systems.
At the same time, we follow international standards, also for the selection of personnel, to make sure they have the necessary qualifications. Our efforts to guarantee the high quality of our products have resulted in, among others, granting us a quality certificate.

The quality assessment process at Thoni Alutec ensures the functional properties of the casting are satisfactory. That is the most important requirement. The process also covers the final appearance of the product and its surface finish. Additionally, the assessment process allows for tests at various stages of production. We assess the internal structure, inspect tightness, check for presence of cracks, as well as take care of other quality elements.

The Thoni Alutec aluminium foundry has cutting-edge equipment and trained staff qualified to assess the quality of aluminium castings. We perform dimensional inspections and evaluate the mechanical properties of products made at TA.

How we test the quality of aluminium alloy castings

Quality Systems

Here at Thoni Alutec, we are aware of the growing expectations regarding aluminium products and high international quality requirements. For this reason, we are constantly improving our quality management system to meet the highest expectations and product standards.


We want to guarantee our customers products of the highest quality. At Thoni Alutec, we perform meticulous quality inspections on castings at every production stage.

Nondestructive Testing

The quality system improvement efforts in our plant relate to both the staff and technical equipment.

CNC Quality Control

In the interest of meeting expectations and customer satisfaction, we attach great importance to obtain the highest possible level of castings. Therefore, aluminium products are tested and inspected at every stage of the production cycle.

Leak and Burst Tests

Here at Thoni Alutec, we are proud of working with clients from all over the world. However, cooperation with clients from distant parts of the globe imposes additional obligations regarding the quality of products. It means that our castings must perform well even in extreme conditions.


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