Pattern Shop

We understand the need for high precision castings. We are aware of customer requirements. That is why, here at Thoni Alutec, we have created a pattern shop of the highest standard. Its staff are hugely experienced specialists. The pattern shop uses cutting-edge technologies.

Thoni Alutec Pattern Shop

The quality of casting patterns and employee competences have a significant impact on the accuracy of the casting. Our specialist employees make tooling which allows for precise preparation and assembly of the mould. We are replacing traditional production methods on conventional machines with modern technologies based on CAD/CAM systems and machining in five numerically controlled axes. However, if necessary, we also utilise traditional patternmaking techniques.

Doświadczenie i sprawność naszej kadry oraz elastyczny dobór technologii powodują, że oprzyrządowanie modelowe wykonujemy nawet w ciągu 14 dni roboczych.

Thoni Alutec Pattern Shop


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