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Pattern shop

The accuracy of a casting is influenced right at the beginning in the pattern shop. Using materials of bad quality or non calibrated tools or if the personell is not expierienced enough in its profession, than neverending problems are garantueed. Through years of co-operation with external pattern shops we know what can go wrong. Therefore we have set up our own pattern shop 8 years ago as we regarded this as one of the key technologies in the whole process chain.

Today, senior experienced pattern makers and young technicians form an excellent team combining traditional pattern making and latest CNC technology. We produce patterns out of high quality plywood and epoxy resin. 2D drawings, 3D models or even reverse engineering are used to manufacture new tooling. Our pattern makers can produce patterns the traditional way by drawing a mock-up or by 5 axis milling from 3D models. We can create 3D models for our customers if they dont have a design office to do so. The typical lead time for a pattern is 7 working days.